"The aims of your life should be like a horizon,
so that when you achieve some of them, you always see new ones ahead."
                                                                                              Agnieszka Lisak



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Financial and Accounting Services

Our financial and accounting services include:

  • keeping account books,

  • keeping revenue and expense ledgers,

  • calculating flat rates,

  • keeping purchase and sale records for VAT purposes,

  • preparing CIT, PIT and VAT declarations,

  • preparing financial reports,

  • preparing statistical reports,

  • preparing any other reports for management purposes,

  • preparing amortisation and depreciation plans,

  • keeping records of fixed assets and intangible assets,

  • monthly amortisation and depreciation allowances according to the amortisation and depreciation plans approved by the client,

  • keeping records of stock quantity and value,

  • keeping payroll records and related records,

  • calculating and keeping records of investment outlays,

  • controlling receivables and liabilities,

  • financial and business consulting, legal and tax consulting.


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