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Rules of Providing Accounting and Tax Services

Rules of Keeping Accounting and Tax Books

We keep accounting and tax books according to the requirements of the Accounting Act and the regulations on keeping tax books (revenue and expense ledgers and records for flat rate taxes). For this purpose, we use the following software:

  • RAKS – for keeping account and tax books

  • RAMZES - for keeping revenue and expense ledgers

  • SYMFONIA – for keeping records on employees and their remuneration

  • PŁATNIK – for social insurance calculations required by ZUS

    This software meets the requirements for accounting tools specified in the Accounting Act and in the relevant tax regulations.

We keep the books in the Polish language, in the Polish currency and according to the Polish chart of accounts. At the client's request, however, we can prepare periodical accounting information in English.

We keep the accounting records of our clients in the seat of our company. Once the tax calculations for the previous year are closed, we return them to our clients with a confirmation of receipt.

In some cases we can keep our clients' documents for a shorter or longer period of time. Every month, we provide our clients printouts from the books and tax declarations as agreed.


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