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Cooperation with our Clients 

Cooperation with an accounting office is based on mutual trust.
Below is a clear description of the actions we take in cooperation with our clients.

Stage 1 - Implementation (Taking Over) of the Services:

  • detailed agreement with the client on what tasks are to be performed by us and what tasks are to be performed by the client, and in what way, e.g. circulation of accounting records, invoicing rules, keeping detailed stock records, etc.,

  • initial written agreements on the rules of calculating cost and income and company chart of accounts,

  • initial discussions with the client on the rules of preparing accounting records and their circulation,

  • obtaining from the client photocopies of necessary company registration documents: Articles of Association (Memorandum of Association), company chart of accounts, excerpt from the business register or certificate of entry in the business register, decision on assigning NIP (VAT number) and REGON (statistical number) numbers, tenancy and lease agreements, work contracts or (if necessary) assistance in obtaining the required tax registration documents, NIP and REGON numbers, etc.

Stage 2 - Monthly Services:

  • representing the client before the Tax Office and ZUS,

  • analysing, verifying and receiving documents from the seat of the client,

  • registering data on the basis of accounting records received from the client with a confirmation of receipt,

  • analysing and verifying registered data,

  • providing the client initial results for the accounting month for approval or revision by the 15th day of the following month,

  • preparing monthly corporate income tax and VAT declarations by the 20th day of each month and informing the client about the resulting payments,

  • preparing monthly printouts from the accounting books (abridged profit and loss account, balance sheet and state of unpaid receivables and liabilities),

  • preparing VAT records,

  • preparing internal reports, e.g. monthly foreign reports, consolidation packages, internal control reports, reports on the company's results for the purpose of management accounting,

  • preparing payrolls for employees with permanent work contracts, preparing civil contracts,

  • preparing PIT 4, PIT 11 and ZUS declarations,

  • keeping records of employees, their leaves and absences,

  • preparing details for bank transfers due to purchase documents, payroll and tax obligations (CIT< VAT< PIT ZUS< PFRON (National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons)),

  • keeping records of fixed assets,

  • managing human resources matters.

Stage 3 - Tasks related to Closing the Account Books at the End of the Year and Annual Tax Calculations:

  • sending requests for confirmation of settlement balances to contracting parties,

  • recognising the client's annual stocktaking in the account books,

  • annual analysis of entries referring to individual accounts and balances of these accounts,

  • preparing specifications for the closing balance of each account as agreed with the client,

  • preparing annual financial statements,

  • preparing annual information on the income of employees with permanent work contracts (PIT 11) and employees with civil contracts,

  • preparing annual personal and corporate income tax declarations.


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